Classic Video No. 1

Start Drawing: PART 1 – Outlines, Edges, Shading

It first appeared on YouTube:  28 May 2014

This classic drawing video is aimed at drawing beginners. It explains how to draw and use basic techniques in a step by step approach. It is my most successful drawing tutorial. One of my classic videos. People seem to identify with it and enjoy working through it.

I wonder what you think?

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  • Thank you, Mr Paul Priestley you helped so much! My art teacher recommended me to check out your channel! I love your channel! I subscribed! – TheDorkKnight
  • After seeing hundreds of videos, I can confidently say that Paul’s teaching style is the best. He has unique ability to hand hold and take the novice learner along with him on to the learning journey. I was looking for a artist who is also a great teacher. Paul literally opens up the mechanics of drawing from the basics. No fluff, straight dive into to the drawing. Its like seeing the piece of the video, pause, practice what Paul says and then move to the next part. Thanks a bunch Paul for all your efforts in making these lovely tutorial videos for beginners. – Kaustubh Pujari Vlogs
  • Thank you for sharing your well-illustrated and easy to understand techniques. Got myself a simple drawing set and am about to replay this video and see if there really is an artist hiding within. Cheers! – Linda Steinke
  • I’ve always wanted to draw but never learned how. This has taught me more than I ever learned at school! thank you! – Helen Child Villiers
  • You have inspired me to start drawing again and show my drawings on my own channel. Love your technique and you are a great teacher. Thanks! – Nature Drawing and Painting

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