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Is your drawing in a bit of a rut and needs a kick-start?

I know the importance of learning drawing techniques and ways of drawing. But I also know the importance of passion and individuality, because that’s what makes art unique. It’s all about trying something different. Ever thought of drawing with two pencils tied together, or drawing with a pencil stuck to the end of a long stick? Be imaginative.
Come on, jump out of the comfort zone. It’s time to make a start.

Free your mind and let your imagination dance to a different tune

Creativity can take many different forms in many different areas, and experience and expertise in one can always strengthen a person’s creative abilities. It’s also about challenging the norm. So try drawing upside down, look at something then draw it blindfolded. Challenge yourself, take risks and make mistakes. If you aren’t making mistakes you are working too safely!

There are lots more challenging and motivating art tutorials to explore. They cover easy drawing techniques for beginners and ideas for more experienced artists. Have a look at my

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Featured Creative Drawing Tutorials

A long stick and a pencil

Yes, not much control

Graphite and pencil

Oh, what a contrast

Tie two pencils together

Wonderful line

Look for the negative

Negative spaces are so interesting

Twist and flick your hand

Imagination runs riot

What is drawing?

Open your mind to new possibilities

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Why not investigate new ways to improve your basic drawing techniques. Here are just a few ways to start your artistic journey.

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