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Artists have a unique vision of the world. They give us insights and observations into ourselves and the world around us. My art history videos and tutorials cover everything from Impressionism to Pop Art. Art history for everyone.

There is no pretentious terminology. Just simple explanations, with lots of passion and a little fun. I have taught art for many years. I will use my experience of art history to guide you through the lives and work of some of the world’s most extraordinary artists.

My aim is to bring art history to life for you to enjoy.

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Female artists were often the pioneers not the followers

Great artists are complex characters

Learn about famous artists, the hardship, the success

Step into the past as we discuss these visionaries chronologically, unravelling the context that shaped their extraordinary lives and masterpieces. From the tortured souls who bared their hearts on canvas to the trailblazers who defied convention, be inspired by their triumphs and tribulations. Our art history videos cover it all.

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What is it that makes art history so compelling? Superficially, you can admire the skill and technique an artist has used, but there is much more to great art than that.

To understand art history, you need to know the artist, the historical context and the influences on their lives.

My art history videos will take you on a journey of discovery and greater appreciation. I hope you enjoy them.