Classic Video No. 2

Gustav Klimt: Life of an Artist

It first appeared on YouTube:  3 May 2018

This art history video looks at the life of one of the great painters of the early 20th century, Gustav Klimt. Known for adding gold leaf to his paintings as in ‘The Kiss’, he also created stunning portraits of society women of the day. His landscape paintings are stunning too.

I wonder what you will think of Klimt?

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  • This video introduced me to this channel and I must say, I’m quite impressed. The video is short, sweet and to the point, the editing is very effective, the narrator is a delight to listen to, and speaks incredibly clearly . I’ll definitely be watching more of your videos, Paul, and recommending your my history of arts teacher for students who need a quick and understandable recap of our classes. Cheers. MajinBros
  • Wonderful video. I’m a visual artist exhibiting in museums and galleries for 57 years. Have always loved klimt’s magnificent paintings too. Simone Gad
  • If only my art instructors had been this captivating (back in the day). Thank you for another informative video. Joyce Froney
  • Thank you for this fascinating video. I particularly enjoy the wider view of his life and work, as he is so often viewed mainly through the lens of his famous “gold period.” Well worth the time; enjoyed the lively narration, and am subscribed. Elizabeth Anne Grey
  • Thank you Mr. Priestley. We sure enjoy your informative and entertaining style of narration, music and photography which works extremely well for the short films on famous artists. A+ Shellee Graham

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