Classic Video No. 3

Start Drawing: PART 6 – Draw a Simple Pot

It first appeared on YouTube: 9 July 2015

This video is aimed at drawing beginners and explains how to draw a simple pot using pencil and graphite. It is my second most successful drawing tutorial. One that still attracts many new viewers each month.

I wonder what you think?

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  • I love drawing and wanna learn techniques to master it, you’re videos are extremely interesting and easy to follow. Thank you Paul – Ketoun Zahra
  • I love that you made it so simple. As an art major, I always messed up the top of the jar/ vase lid. Your directions make it all very easy simple & the shadows fall right into place. Thank you! – Wyn Sharp
  • So glad I found you. You explain things so well, the speed is perfect and I’m so proud of myself – I can finally draw what has been so difficult in the past. – Bev B
  • This drawing is excellent. It helped me in my drawing competition thanks for making this videoNeelima Pandit
  • I’m trying to learn to draw at an advanced age. I’ve looked at a lot of drawing tutorials and find yours to be the clearest and most straightforward. They’re very helpful and very encouraging. Your approach helps me to believe i really will learn to draw. Thanks. – Pencilman1
  • You are awesome…your tutorials are great for beginners who don’t have the confidence. Thank you so much. God bless. – Sayyada Yusuf

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