Learn the first steps to drawing

Time to take your pencil for a walk across the page

My drawing tutorials will show you how to use the basic drawing elements. Starting with line, curves, tone, edges and outlines you’ll soon be drawing with confidence. Drawing techniques has never been so easy to learn.
Come on, grab your pencil. It’s time to check out my drawing tutorials below.

Understanding the basic techniques is the foundation of drawing

Any drawing on paper is flat. Learn to create the illusion of space and depth with the use of line, tone, edges and outlines. I’ll show you how to make hills look curved and cylinders round. See how to make circles look like balls and roads and rivers flow through a landscape. Check out the videos below.

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Featured Basic Drawing Tutorials

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of self-expression? We’ll guide you through easy-to-follow steps that demystify the art of drawing, ensuring you grasp each concept with confidence.

Let’s make a start

Grab a pencil and go for it

Learn to create depth

Amazing what lines can do

Learn how to use shading

It’s easier that you think

Basic drawing techniques

Use pencil or graphite

Marks and lines

Variety is great

What is drawing?

Open your mind to new possibilities

More drawing tutorials you might be interested in

Why not investigate new ways to improve your basic drawing techniques. Here are just a few ways to start your artistic journey.

  • See how to draw Still Life accurately
  • Learn how to draw faces in proportion

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