Learn the first steps to drawing

Time to take your pencil for a walk across the page

Are you ready to embark on an artistic journey? Look no further! Learn how to draw easily with my step by step drawing tutorials set out below. They are designed to unlock your creative potential and guide you through the fascinating world of drawing using pencil and graphite. With a focus on fundamental drawing elements, such as lines, curves, tone, edges, and outlines, these creative tutorials will offer you a solid foundation for your artistic endeavours.

Featured ‘How to Draw’ Tutorials

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning how to draw through the medium of pencil drawing? We’ll guide you through easy-to-follow steps that demystify the art of drawing, ensuring you grasp each concept with confidence.

Let’s make a start

Learn how to draw with curves in very simple steps. By using a step by step approach you’ll soon be drawing cliffs, flags and leaves with great confidence. Curves hold an essential place in the artist’s repertoire. Unlock the secrets of curvature, breathing life into your drawings. Infuse them with a sense of fluidity and grace.

Learn to create depth

By mastering the art of lines, you will gain control over the very building blocks of your drawings. Discover how to wield your pencil with precision, creating lines that convey depth, movement, and texture. Whether you’re aiming for bold, confident strokes or delicate, intricate details, this easy drawing tutorial will empower you to achieve the desired effect.

Learn how to use shading

This easy art tutorial explains how to create depth in a pencil drawing by using shading. Explore the realm of tone and discover how shading can add dimension and realism to your artwork. You’ll soon be able to depict light and shadow with incredible precision, giving your drawings a three-dimensional quality that captivates the viewer’s eye.

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Understanding the basic techniques is the foundation of drawing

Any pencil drawing on paper is flat. Learn how to create the illusion of space and depth in your pencil drawing with the use of line, tone, edges and outlines. I’ll show you simple drawing techniques that will make hills look curved and cylinders round. Discover how to draw circles that look like balls and roads and rivers flow through a landscape. Check out my ‘how to draw’ videos below.

Basic drawing techniques

This easy drawing tutorial will show you how to start drawing using pencil and graphite. Time to learn how to draw with passion and imagination. So, grab your pencil and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of my art tutorials.

Marks and lines

Learn how to use a pencil and graphite  to draw an onion. You’ll learn to how to use line and tone in your drawing to create depth and create a wonderful drawing. Step by step, you will gain the confidence and technical prowess necessary to express your unique vision on paper.

What is drawing?

Drawing is about mark making, learn how to draw with passion and imagination. How to create pencil drawings with depth and feeling and much more. No matter what your skill level, this drawing tutorial offers a welcoming space for learning, experimentation, and growth.

My drawing tutorials can provide you with a roadmap to unleash your creativity and help you cultivate your own drawing style. So, embrace the opportunity, follow along, and let your pencil dance across the paper. Embark on your artistic adventure, enrich your life by following my inspiring art tutorials designed for beginners? You can explore many more of my easy drawing tutorials on my YouTube Channel : PaulPriestleyArt

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