Learn to draw People accurately

Drawing People requires an understanding of proportion

My ‘How to Draw People’ videos will introduce you to the simple drawing technique of using the measurement of the head to determine whether you are drawing an adult or a child. Sounds complicated but our step by step approach to drawing makes it easy way to understand how to draw figures in proportion.

Draw people accurately with a little measurement and sweeping line

Did you know that the distance from the wrist to the elbow is the same as the distance from the elbow to the shoulder. Knowing this and other proportional ideas will greatly improve your figure drawing. Looking and measuring is so important to successful  drawings of people and figures.

Featured How to Draw People Tutorials

It’s all about the head

Discover the art of accurate figure drawing with our simple tutorial video. Whether you’re sketching adults or children, achieving perfect proportions is easy. Unlock the secrets of sizing by using the person’s head as your guide. Perfect for beginners, we guide you through each step, demystifying the process.

Learn to gauge the head’s measurements and apply them to craft well-proportioned figures. Generally, a child’s body spans about 4 head lengths, while an adult’s can reach up to 8. Elevate your drawing skills with this beginner-friendly guide on how to draw people.

It’s all about elbows, hips and knees

This tutorial, perfect for beginners, delves into the art of drawing a running figure with precision and flair. Discover how to master proportions by utilizing the head as a measurement reference. Learn the secrets of accurately depicting arm and leg lengths, crucial for lifelike representations.

We’ll demystify the pivotal role of shoulder and hip movement, enhancing the authenticity of your artwork. With our user-friendly approach, you’ll gain the skills to confidently render arms and legs in various poses, opening up endless creative possibilities. Elevate your drawing expertise today!

Folds determine the shadow

 Learn How to Draw a Figure with clothes effortlessly as we guide you through each step. Beginning with a basic figure shape, we’ll demonstrate how to skillfully incorporate clothing by strategically adding lines along the figure’s contours. Highlight areas where fabric naturally folds and creases for a realistic touch.

This straightforward technique is particularly beneficial for newcomers seeking to master clothing details. Witness the transformation as light and shade are introduced, giving your creation a captivating three-dimensional effect. Our How to Draw tutorial is perfect for beginners and budding artists.

Angles of shoulder and hips

Our step-by-step  will guide you through the fundamental techniques of how to draw a lying figure. This tutorial unveils the creation of a relaxed male figure, sprawled gracefully on the canvas. Starting from a basic head circle and shoulder sketch, we utilize these as benchmarks to map out the entire body.

Once proportions are in place, we outline the soothing form of the figure. The next phase involves refining the outline, incorporating intricate creases and folds. Effortlessly, these lines breathe life into the tee shirt and trousers. As we finalize the outline, the spotlight shifts to adding depth and dimension. Learn the art of shading by deftly adjusting the pressure on your Derwent Ivory Black pencil. 

Proportion and angles

Learn to draw a person gazing at the sky with ease through this comprehensive art tutorial video. The step-by-step process breaks down drawing a standing figure, starting from a simple head circle that sets the proportions for the entire body. Begin by sketching the basic shapes of the figure, then progress to a more intricate outline.

Discover the simplicity of creating realistic folds in clothing using flowing lines. As the outline takes shape, master the art of applying light and shadow. Unveil a spectrum of tones by adjusting pencil pressure. This tutorial culminates in a remarkable drawing suitable for beginners and those aiming to refine their artistic prowess.

It starts with simple shapes

Unlock the secrets of mastering hand drawing proportions with our beginner-friendly tutorial. Discover the art of capturing a hand’s essence through simple shapes. This step-by-step video guide is tailored for newcomers, guiding you in outlining the foundational hand structures, including fingers and thumbs.

Watch as we unveil the process of adding precise outlines, transforming your sketches into proportionate hand drawings. Whether you’re an aspiring artist honing your skills or eager to elevate your hand and finger sketching prowess, this tutorial is your gateway. Perfect for beginners eager to advance their artistic journey.

Would you like to see more inspiring art tutorials that cover step by step easy drawing techniques for beginners? For beginners, these tutorials offer a solid foundation in drawing techniques, ensuring a smooth progression in their artistic journey. As you become more comfortable with the basics, you can explore more advanced drawing tutorials that delve into complex subjects, such as figure drawing, still life and landscape.

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