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Want to be an artist, but don’t know where to start?
My drawing and painting tutorials for beginners could be your solution. Learn new, creative skills, gain lots of confidence while you learn to draw.

Our drawing and painting art tutorials are designed for beginners. As an art tutor I know how important it is to learn to draw in a simple step by step approach. Even absolute beginners will learn to draw easily.

Follow these art tutorials and you will be drawing and painting brilliantly in no time at all. You deserve to be the artist you always wanted to be.

Featured Drawing Playlists

Basic Drawing Techniques

Discover the fundamentals of drawing with our comprehensive videos on basic drawing techniques. Learn how to use a pencil to achieve various effects, master the craft of outlining and creating defining edges, and dive into the world of basic shading to transform your sketches into remarkably realistic images.

Unleash your creativity with our beginner-friendly how-to-draw videos. They are your ticket to explore the world of drawing. Start your artistic journey today!

Drawing Still Life

Discover the simple yet essential techniques that will enhance your still life drawings with precision and accuracy. In our step-by-step tutorial videos, we will demystify the process of still life drawing. We’ll unveil the secret to accurate drawings, demonstrating how your pencil can serve as a trusty measuring tool.

Learn to gauge and compare various elements within your still life composition, enhancing your drawing. Time to bring your still life drawings to life.

Watercolour Painting

Our step-by-step videos are designed to acquaint beginners with fundamental watercolour techniques. We’ll explore essential tools such as paper, paints, and brushes, offering insights into their proper utilization. You’ll learn basic watercolour painting methods such as wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry approaches and much more.

Whether you’re just starting your watercolour journey or seeking to refine your skills, our comprehensive guide will pave the way to creating stunning watercolour paintings.

Come on let’s get started

You really can draw, it just takes practice

Remember, no one in the world draws like you do, feel proud of that. Learn how to draw easily with my drawing and painting art tutorial videos on my YouTube channel. They will show you how to use shading, draw edges and outlines and so much more. I’m sure they will help you learn how to draw.

Overall, our beginner’s drawing tutorials serve as a valuable resource, offering guidance, inspiration, and the necessary foundation for aspiring artists. With patience, practice, and a willingness to learn, anyone can embark on a fulfilling artistic adventure and develop their drawing skills to create captivating and expressive artworks.

Other Popular Drawing Playlists

Learn Basic Perspective

Our basic perspective drawing tutorials simplify the complexities of perspective drawing into a simple, step-by-step approach. Whether you’re aspiring to sketch buildings or other three-dimensional objects, mastering perspective is essential.

Our tutorial demystifies the process by revealing that the eye level becomes your artistic horizon. We guide you through locating the vanishing points, the fundamental concept in perspective drawing. You’ll learn that all horizontal lines converge towards vanishing points, while vertical lines remain upright. Let’s start sketching with perspective!

Learn to use coloured pencils

Discover the art of coloured pencil drawing and learn the craft of creating vibrant pencil drawings. Our step-by-step tutorial is designed for beginners, providing expert guidance on basic techniques. Watch our video tutorials as we demonstrate the secrets of blending colours to achieve smooth tonal gradations.

You’ll also discover how to use a blender and a burnisher effectively. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just beginning your coloured pencil journey, our tutorials are tailored for you.

How to draw trees

Discover the art of tree drawing with our step-by-step guide which breaks down the process into simple steps. The trick is to learn to identify a tree’s distinct shapes. Our tutorials demonstrate how to translate these shapes into beautiful tree sketches. By tweaking these shapes, you’ll unlock the ability to draw various types of trees.

You’ll also learn how to use light and shadow to give your tree drawings a three-dimensional appearance. Time to start drawing beautiful trees.