Learn to draw Animals

Drawing animals requires you to look for shapes

Drawing animals can be hard, but not if you reduce what you see down to simple shapes. My drawing tutorials will lead you step by step through the process of various animals. Learn to use shading to create edges and how to apply light and shade to create a great animal drawing.
Let’s make a start!

Drawing animals requires patience and quick thinking

My drawing tutorials will take you through how to plan your animal drawing.  How to look for basic shapes and how to sketch these quickly to capture the essence of the animal, be it a sleeping dog or a frog. These drawing techniques can be used for sketching from life or simply copying an image. Good luck.

If you are looking for easy drawing tutorials for beginners, especially those on how to draw animals why not have a look at my YouTube Channel: PaulPriestleyArt. You’ll find lots of inspiring art tutorials which will teach you how to easily draw animals in no time at all.

Featured Animal Drawing Tutorials

Sketch using basic shapes

Draw a beagle dog simply

It’s all about how you use line

Drawing a frog with simple shapes

Oval shapes are the key

Draw an elephant easily

Start drawing with simple shapes

Draw a horse’s head easily

Line and proportion

Draw a bird landing

Basic shapes to start

Draw a bird flying

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