Learn to How to Draw Animals

Drawing animals requires you to look for shapes

Drawing animals can be hard, but not if you reduce what you see down to simple shapes. My drawing tutorials will lead you step by step through the process of various animals. Learn to use shading to create edges and how to apply light and shade to create a great animal drawing.
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Featured Animal Drawing Tutorials

How to Draw a Dog

Learn how to create a lifelike beagle step by step, starting from simple shapes by following this simple step by step drawing tutorial. Using the head as a reference, master the art of getting the dog’s proportions just right. I’ll guide you in creating the outline sketch of the dog and teach you the magic of applying light and shade.

By using shading to define edges instead of outlines in parts of the drawing, your beagle will come to life . Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, this video is designed to enhance your drawing skills and capture the essence of sketching a dog on paper.

How to Draw a Frog

Discover the fascinating world of amphibians as you learn how to draw a frog! This simple and engaging drawing tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

You will start by creating a basic oval and cylinder shapes to form the frog’s structure. You’ll then create the outline, capturing the unique texture of its lumpy and slimy skin. Master the intricacies of drawing the multi-jointed legs, and add shading to bring the frog to life. Finally, with the touch of graphite, you’ll disguise some of the outlines by creating edges to enhance the frog’s presence. Watch it NOW.

How to Draw an Elephant

Learn to draw an Elephant with our easy step-by-step tutorial! Designed for beginners and aspiring artists, you’ll be creating a lifelike African elephant in no time. Starting with simple oval shapes, you’ll progress to a detailed outline, capturing the essence of its wrinkled skin.

Learn to add light, shade, and tone, giving your elephant a three-dimensional appearance. I’ll even guide you in removing the outline to create a realistic edge, making your drawing appear more three dimensional. Check out our How To draw an Elephant tutorial NOW.

Drawing animals requires patience and quick thinking

My drawing tutorials will take you through how to plan your animal drawing.  How to look for basic shapes and how to sketch these quickly to capture the essence of the animal, be it a sleeping dog or a frog. These drawing techniques can be used for sketching from life or simply copying an image. Good luck.

If you are looking for easy drawing tutorials for beginners, especially those on how to draw animals why not have a look at my YouTube Channel: PaulPriestleyArt. You’ll find lots of inspiring art tutorials which will teach you how to easily draw animals in no time at all.

How to Draw a Horse’s Head

Draw a horse’s head easily

How to Draw a Bird Flying

Draw a bird landing

How to Draw a Bird Flying 2

Draw a bird flying

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