It’s people who decide

My most successful videos

I published my first video on YouTube back in 2008. The quality was poor, I had no lights, no microphone and a very cheap camcorder. Over the years my equipment has improved, my filming and editing abilities have developed and I now have a wonderful studio.  I still work on my own. I have no team behind the scenes helping out. Which is why my videos don’t appear every week.

Judging by the number of views and responses from people all over the world these, are my most successful videos.

What people say…

I started painting in my home by my self and I searched many videos to find a channel for self learning…but today I found it.. you are a brilliant teacher for me thanks Mr Paul. From Afghan refugee. Kubra Safi

Paul you are such a joy for me to watch as you draw. Thank you so much for your efforts and humour. You have literally changed my life in a major way. What a gift you have given me. Thank you so much. Bye the way I’m 57 years old and still getting better. Dan Flowers

Great video! Thanks so much for helping fill the gaps in my art history education and introducing me to de Lempicka and her life. Very meaningful to me now. Belinda Hughes

Thank you for this brilliant, beautiful history of Hilma af Klint. Thank you, also, for your bright energy and gift as a teacher. My husband and I were riveted. We’ve subscribed and look forward to watching your other lessons. You are a treasure. Amy Oscar

My YouTube Channels

Drawing and Painting Tutorials

As of 1st August 2023 – TOTAL VIEWS = 17,629,433

Art History Videos

As of 1st August 2023 – TOTAL VIEWS = 6,311,121