Meet the trail blazers

Historically discouraged from being artists

These great female artists would, no doubt, be annoyed at being classified by their gender. But these female artists made massive contributions to the history of art in their own right. Enjoy their talent.

Just some of the women who changed the art world

They were self taught artists or they had to battle to get into the male dominated art academies of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The talent and determination of these female artists to succeed against inequality was, and is, admirable. Their unique contribution deserves your attention.

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Excelled at painting children

A member of the Impressionists

Produced the first abstract works

Years before Kandinsky

The artist who epitomised Art Deco

Larger than life character

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By studying art history we gain a deeper understanding of our past, our present, our own culture and the cultures of others. The knowledge and inspiration gained  helps us to understand, feel and speak, with greater insight, about our world.

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Want to learn more about the lives of influential artists? What motivated and inspired them to create their art?  The problems they encountered and the battles fought to achieve success.  Their lives are intriguing.

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