Learn to draw with Coloured pencils

Using coloured pencils requires a knowledge of colour

If you’re a beginner looking to enhance your drawing skills, my coloured pencil drawing tutorial videos are just what you need. My videos will provide valuable insights and techniques on how to effectively apply colour, master the art of blending, and ultimately create stunning drawings.

With step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, my tutorials aim to demystify the process of working with coloured pencils. You’ll learn how to choose the right colours, layer them strategically, and achieve smooth transitions and gradients. Unleash your creativity, and bring your drawings to life with coloured pencils.

Featured Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorials

Understand how colour works

Welcome to our comprehensive art tutorial on drawing with coloured pencils! In this step-by-step video, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques to create stunning coloured pencil drawings.

We’ll start by mastering the art of blending colours, allowing you to achieve smooth and seamless gradations of tone in your artwork. Discover the magic of using a blender to soften blends, adding a touch of finesse to your creations.

You’ll also learn the secrets of using a burnisher in two unique ways – adding a brilliant shine to your artwork or creating a captivating wax resist effect. If you’re eager to learn how to draw with coloured pencils, this tutorial is tailor-made for you. So grab your pencils and let’s start drawing!

It’s all about blending

Learn the art of drawing an apple with coloured pencils in this easy-to-follow drawing tutorial. Step by step, you’ll discover how to organize your pencils by tone and colour for a easier drawing experience.

Once you’ve sketched the outline of the apple, I’ll guide you through adding colour, starting with the lighter tones. To bring the apple to life, we will use coloured lines to emphasize its roundness. You’ll master blending colours  by using a blender, which will also help to create more realistic shadows with softened edges.

These valuable skills can be applied to any still life drawing. This art tutorial is perfect for beginners and anyone looking to enhance their coloured pencil and art techniques. Watch the video now!

How to create depth

Learn the art of drawing landscapes with coloured pencils through this easy drawing tutorial! I’ll adopt a simple step-by-step approach, where I’ll guide you through sketching the initial outlines lightly before adding a soft background built up using light tones.

You’ll discover how to effortlessly draw trees and hills in the background to beautifully contrast with the detailed foreground. As your drawing takes shape, I’ll explain how to create dark tones with coloured pencils, to give your artwork a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect. This video is tailored for beginners and those with more drawing ability  who are seeking to enhance their drawing and sketching skills with coloured pencils. Unleash your creativity and embark on an artistic journey today!

Using coloured pencils will add life to your drawings

These videos explain step by step methods and techniques of how to create wonderful coloured drawings. You’ll learn about colour mixing. Ways to blend colours to create soft gradations of tone and how to create edges and outlines. Need to know how to use a burnisher or create a wax resist effect? Watch now for lots of great artistic advice.

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