Learn to draw with Coloured pencils

Using coloured pencils requires a knowledge of colour

My coloured pencil drawing videos will help you understand how to apply colour, blend it and create great drawings.
It is time to improve your coloured pencil drawing skills!

Using coloured pencils will add life to your drawings

These videos explain step by step methods and techniques of how to create wonderful coloured drawings. You’ll learn about colour mixing. Ways to blend colours to create soft gradations of tone and how to create edges and outlines. Need to know how to use a burnisher or create a wax resist effect? Watch now for lots of great artistic advice.

Featured Coloured Pencil Drawing Tutorials

Understand how colour works

Get a colour wheel

It’s all about blending

Soft and subtle

How to create depth

It’s all about tone

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Why not investigate new ways to improve your drawing techniques? Understanding drawing basics will help you create better coloured drawings.

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