It’s all about proportion

The gap between the pupils is the key to drawing a face

Did you know the gap between your pupils is exactly the same measurement as the length of your nose? It’s also equal to the gap between your nose and chin. Learning to draw a face has never been so easy.
Watch the videos and improve your face drawing.

Measurement leads to correct proportions – equals a well drawn face

If you understand how to measure the distances between the elements of the face, the face will be drawn in proportion. I’ll explain how to draw the face from the front and the side. Step by step, easy to follow instructions. You can draw a face! Check out the videos below.

Why not have a look at more how to draw face videos. You’ll find lots of easy how to draw a face videos on my YouTube Channel: PaulPriestleyart. Become the artist you always wanted to be and check it out.

Featured video tutorials

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Eyes have an interesting shape

The shading is important

A different drawing method

Use your fingers to measure

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