Combating Artist’s Block

The art of motivation can seem miles away, but there are solutions

We all experience artist’s block. The time when you cannot motivate yourself to create a drawing or painting. Or you feel ‘I can’t DRAW!’ so you are beaten before you start.

A simple fact! No one in the world that draws and paints like you do. The choice is yours do you think negatively? ‘ I’m useless at drawing,’ or positively, ‘Wow, that’s brilliant’? If you can think positively you are half way there.

Featured Motivational Drawing Tutorials

This could be you

Unlock the artist within you with our inspiring art tutorial video, ‘How to be Brilliant at Drawing’! Whether you’re a beginner or seeking motivation to enhance your drawing skills, we’ve got you covered. Learn essential techniques and discover the key to brilliant drawing lies in believing in yourself. Embrace your unique style and let go of the pursuit of perfection, it’s not possible anyway.

Our video explains that true art is not about creating photographic replicas, but expressing your own individuality. Discover how great artists like Matisse didn’t use rulers and embraced imperfections. Let your creativity flow and build the confidence to create remarkable drawings. Remember, success comes from within, and by believing in your work, you can unlock your full artistic potential.

You can write, you can draw

Discover the untapped artist within you! Unleash your creative potential with our eye-opening video that will challenge everything you thought about drawing. Forget those who said, “I can’t draw” – they were mistaken all along! Through this short and motivational art video, we reveal the fascinating link between writing and drawing. ‘If you can write you can draw!’

Our brains are inherently wired to interpret shapes, and you’ll be amazed to see how the same simple shapes appear in both our writing and drawing. If you can write, you can draw! Embrace the joy of self-expression and banish the notion of “I can’t draw” forever. Uncover your artistic prowess and embark on an exciting journey of discovery today!

Apologies for the Chinese character that appears in this video, I checked it out on Goggle Translate, but it’s been pointed out it’s not good calligraphy.

Learn how to use colour

Unlock the captivating world of colours with our comprehensive guide on how to use the 12-colour wheel and colour mixing. The basics are the primary colours, red, yellow, and blue. Combine these to create secondary colors: green, orange, and purple. Beyond these lie the enchanting tertiary colours.

Discover the magic of colour schemes to elevate your paintings. Explore complementary colour schemes, where opposites attract; split complementary schemes, a twist on the classics; and analogous schemes.

Learn from the greats like Van Gogh, Monet, and Munch, and understand how they applied colour schemes to create their masterpieces.

For beginners yearning to grasp colour mixing, we reveal the secrets to creating stunning greys through complementary colour blends on your palette. Unleash your artistic potential and create diverse moods with colour schemes in your paintings.

Don’t allow a lack of motivation stop you being the artist you always wanted to be

I realise that to feel inspired to create art you have to be in the right frame of mind. It is very important that the passion, individuality and creativity flows in abundance. My art tutorials mix the art of motivation with lots of passion and creativity. If you are a beginner, or struggling on your journey to becoming an artist. It’s not about ability, but building confidence.

You may find your motivation may well lay in one of our awesome art tutorials. Why not have a look at some of my confidence building art tutorials on my

YouTube Channel :  PaulPriestleyArt

You can draw landscape

Ever faced the dilemma of choosing what to draw amidst a captivating landscape or a group of fascinating objects? The struggle is real! With so many elements to consider – hills, trees, and more – not to mention working out tonal values, it can feel overwhelming. But fear not! Our easy drawing art tutorial is here to rescue your artistic expression.

Learn the magic of the ‘thirds’ technique through our step-by-step guide to creating a viewfinder. By isolating the best view, you’ll achieve a well-composed and compelling drawing. This method has stood the test of time since the Ancient Greeks.

We’ll also demystify the art of identifying the correct tones in the landscape. You’ll learn how tones gradually lighten into the distance, and why foregrounds boast stark contrasts, while backgrounds showcase subtle nuances.

Not just a brush

Welcome to our art video tutorial on how to use a paintbrush creatively. Learn about the artistic magic of paintbrushes, their shoulders and ferrules as well as how to use them creatively. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring artist, this demo is perfect for you. We’ll be using acrylic paint to create marvelous brush marks on canvas and paper.

Discover how to wield the brush with finesse by varying pressure and twisting your wrist. marvel at the stunning array of effects you can create with both ends of the paintbrush. Embrace the beauty of random brushstrokes, each one unique and captivating. Cherish these strokes as they dance across your creation. Unleash your creativity, and let’s paint a world of wonders together!

What is drawing?

If you dream of being an artist, drawing is your starting point. In this beginner-friendly tutorial, I’ll guide you through the essence of drawing.

Drawing is a language – a powerful form of communication. It possesses an ‘alphabet’ of marks, textures, tones, and shapes, giving your art its significance, individuality and its ability to speak.

Seeing with a critical eye is the key to learning how to draw. Forget what others see or tell you; focus on your own vision and ideas.

Observation is fundamental. By practicing observational drawing, you train your eye to perceive and analyze your subjects.

True drawing skill isn’t about copying others; it’s about expressing your unique ideas and vision. Embrace your individuality on your journey to becoming an artist.

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