Learn how to draw landscapes

Create a convincing landscape in pencil with line and tone

Discover how you can draw landscape using just three tones, dark, medium and light. It is all you need to create distance in your landscape drawing. Take one pencil, e.g. a 2B pencil, and varying the pressure to create the three tones. You will produce a great drawing.

Understand the marks you make, the pressure you put on the pencil, it is all so important

Try using three different pencils. In the background hatch and cross hatch with an HB pencil. The tone will be light. Middle ground use a 2B pencil to strengthen the line. In the foreground draw line and create tone with an 8B pencil. Marvel at the depth you can create.

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Create the illusion of distance

With just three lines

Draw cliffs, rocks, crevasses

The angle of line is so important

Vary the pressure on the pencil

Lines will create solidity

Use charcoal instead of pencil

Create more subtlety

Draw trees differently

The line can suggest curves

Build up in stages

Light is so important

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