Learn the first steps to watercolour painting

Time to caress the paper with your brush

Watercolour painting is an incredibly rewarding skill to acquire. My beginner’s tutorials serve as an excellent starting point for those eager to embark on their watercolour journey. By delving into the tutorials provided below, aspiring artists will gain valuable insights into the fundamental aspects of watercolour painting. These tutorials cover essential topics such as selecting the appropriate materials, paper, paints, and brushes. Immerse yourself in these tutorials and relish the joy of discovering the captivating world of watercolour painting.

Featured Watercolour Painting Tutorials

Unlock the captivating world of watercolour painting as you embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression! Join us for an immersive experience, where you’ll learn the art of painting with watercolours through a series of step-by-step tutorials. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist seeking to enhance your skills, our expert tuition will guide you with ease and simplicity, ensuring you grasp the techniques effortlessly.

How to Start Watercolour Painting

Discover the beauty of watercolour painting, a delightful skill to master. Learn essential watercolour painting techniques in this easy tutorial, drawing from my vast art teaching experience. Perfect for beginners, the step-by-step approach covers the materials you’ll need and their uses like paper, paints, and brushes. I shall explore the basics of the two fundamental techniques: wet on wet and wet on dry watercolour painting methods.

Combining these skills to create mesmerizing watercolour effects. Whether you’re new to watercolour or a complete beginner, this art tutorial caters for all, helping you enhance your watercolour painting prowess. Unleash your creativity and create captivating watercolour masterpieces with ease.

Learn How to Paint Layers

Learn to master how to paint edges and create layers in this easy to follow watercolour painting tutorial. Explore the fundamentals of painting edges and layers and how they work. Learn the magic of how water and paint as they blend seamlessly will not bleed outside a wet area, giving you complete control over your painting.

This essential technique empowers you to create stunning watercolour artworks. Unlock the secrets of layering with transparent paint to achieve various tones of a colour, building depth and dimension. Perfect for beginners and those seeking to enhance their watercolour skills. Unleash your creativity and paint with confidence! Watch our art tutorial now and dive into the captivating world of watercolour painting.

Learn How to Paint Trees

Watch our video tutorial where we unravel the secrets of light and shade when painting trees in watercolour. You’ll see how to use a horizontal brush to create the basic shapes of the tree. Tones will be added using wet on wet and wet on dry techniques. You’ll see how to paint the intricate branches of the tree with the end of the brush. And that’s not all! Learn the wet-on-wet technique to paint the tree trunk with plain water, adding depth and texture. Finally, we’ll show you how to create a stunning dry brush effect for a polished finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned watercolour artist looking to expand your skills or a complete beginner stepping into the world of watercolour painting, this tutorial is designed for you.

Understanding the basic techniques is the foundation of watercolour painting

The alchemy of watercolour painting is a balance between the water and paint used and the way the paint is applied. Wet on wet and wet on dry techniques are all simply explained. You’ll be painting subtle watercolour effects in no time at all.

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Type of paper is important

Welcome to our tutorial on mastering the art of stretching watercolour paper. You’ll uncover the secrets of properly stretching watercolour paper using two unique techniques. Whether you prefer thick, high-quality watercolor paper or opt for the thinner, budget-friendly option, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to bring your imagination to life on beautifully stretched watercolour paper.

How to Paint Wet on Wet

Learn how to paint a landscape in watercolour using wet on wet techniques. We’ll begin with a soft pencil on 300lb watercolour paper, we’ll wet the paper and apply the first layer using the wet on wet technique. Once dry, we shall paint wet on dry and add paint to newly damped areas.

Discover how to paint branches and twigs using the brush’s other end. Learn how to achieve the right tonal range for your painting. This watercolour tutorial is perfect for beginners and those seeking to enhance their watercolour skills.

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