Learn about the mould breakers

The artists who pushed the boundaries and broke the rules

This is a very eventful period in the history of art. Many art movements and innovations came and went, driven by 20th century artists determined to make their mark in a radically changing world. Learn about the lives of these incredible artists.

Art is part of life – it helps us to understand the world

Artists experimented with new approaches to perspective. They discovered different ways of representing the world we see. These radical developments by 20th century artists reflected and were influenced by economics, industry and social unrest. This century saw the development of abstraction, expressionism post modernism and so much more.

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Art history provides a means of understanding our human past and its relationship to our present. The knowledge and inspiration gained contributes to how we feel, see and understand the world around us.

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Want to learn more about the lives of influential artists? What motivated and inspired them to create their art?  The problems they encountered and the battles fought to achieve success.  Their lives are intriguing.

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