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Learning to draw and paint has never been easier. Our online drawing and painting tutorials are created for absolute beginners. They will also be useful for those with more drawing and painting experience who wish to improve their art skills.

Want to learn about the lives of famous artists and the great paintings they created? No jargon, just a passionate introduction to the  lives, motivations and influences of some of the world’s great painters. All for you to enjoy.

‘These tutorials are amazing! Thank you for your generous teaching and for making this so much fun!’

‘Love your videos. I knew little about Francis Bacon until I watched this fascinating and informative video.’

Gretchen Odegaard: Starting Drawing Part 7 – Draw a Simple Book

Tara Hutton: Francis Bacon – The Life of an Artist

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Art tutorials for beginners and the more advanced. Simple step by step approach and brilliant, enthusiastic art teaching.

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Our art history videos will give you the knowledge to discuss art with a growing confidence

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